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Run programs smoothly in Windows Vista

Posted on August 8th, 2007 in Uncategorized by Ankit Duseja

Do you face problems while running some Vista Compatible programs in Windows Vista? Does the message “The Software has stopped working” keeps appearing on your screen? Are you fed up with your software not working on Vista?

Here are the few measures you may opt for:
1. Update Windows Vista regularly.
Keeping the windows up to date will really help you a lot in stopping these error messages. Microsoft has been continuously working on the errors of Windows Vista reported by vista users and have been responding to them very fast. Every week dozen of new patches are available on the Windows Update.

2. Run the programs in administrator mode.
I have noticed quite a times that some programs which did not run properly by just running them in the normal mode, have worked properly by running them in “Run as administrator mode”. These programs basically keeps on modifying files on hard disk while they are in the running state and sometimes windows blocks them from doing so. Thus this method is effective on these types of programs, because running them in administrator mode allows them to change the files on computer.

How to run a program in administrator mode?
1. Right Click the program you want to run.
2. Click on the button “Run as Administrator”

3. Run the program in compatibility mode.
Microsoft has really considered the problems which vista will face after its launch. They knew that compatibility issues will be one ofthe biggest problem which vista users had to face. So microsoft worked harder in this matter and gave a feature for running programs in “compatibility mode”.

The compatibility mode actually creates a environment of the OS in which the program was made to run. Like if you have a program say “D”, which was designed to work in Windows Xp. So when you run the program “D” in Windows Vista with compatibility mode for Windows Xp, Vista will provide a enviroment of Windows Xp while running that particular “D” program.

How to run a program in compatibility mode?
1. Right Click the program you want to run
2. Click on properties
3. Select “Compatibility” in top bar
4. Check the box yelling “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
5. Select the Operating system which your software supports
6. Click on “Apply”
7. Now run the program

But practically this feature is still a baby and it can’t be trusted.

4. Install Virtual PC.
As my previously written tutorial can run almost any program in Windows vista, this is one of the best methods for running non-vista compatible software in Windows Vista.

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